Travel Barometer

Seamlessly monitor and evaluate the wellbeing of your tourism destination

The Travel Barometer is Data Appeal’s proprietary index that reveals the level of tourism wellbeing in your destination. It is based on the sentiment, the content volume and the digital presence of the points of interest in your territory, today and in the last two years.

Our research reveals a strong correlation between online reviews and content with tourism flows, overnight stays, hotel reservations and flight bookings – all factors to measure and evaluate the well being of any destination in the tourism sector. 

travel barometer

Travel Barometer : How is it calculated?


The Travel Barometer combines quantitative and qualitative elements of a destination's reputation and online presence.


The algorithm combines elements relating to the amount and type of online content, sentiment scores and the digital presence of tour operators in the area.


With the index, compare your performance against previous years or different time periods, against the national average or any destination of your choice.

Travel Barometer:
Compare your performance against competing destinations


Assess the wellbeing of your destination in real-time

At a glance, compare the wellbeing of your destination against the national average or a competitor destinationthe ideal starting point to define and evaluate your tourism strategies. 

  • Which signals come from traveler’s conversations about their willingness and confidence to resume travel?
  • Why is our destination performing worse than in past years? 
  • How is our situation compared to competing destinations?

Climb the rankings against competitors

Seamlessly compare your performance against competitors or nearby destinations. Pinpoint and correct weaknesses, and enhance your strengths to elevate your market positioning.

travel barometer


The Travel Barometer:
Made for You

The Travel Barometer is suitable for any type of destination: specific territories, regions and entire countries that seamlessly want to evaluate traveler trends and sentiment. 

Seamless integration 

It can be directly integrated into any existing business intelligence platform through our API.

It’s also available on both the Data Appeal Studio and Travel Appeal Dashboards for any brand or business.

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