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Improve your investment evaluations with accurate, real-time data to make more strategic decisions and mitigate risk.


Make strategic, data-driven decisions with our comprehensive and granular territorial analyses


Leverage our location intelligence and data enrichment solutions for the real estate industry to identify the markets with the most potential for your commercial real estate investments.

  • Which neighborhoods of a city attract the most people or your target market?
  • Which areas have the highest density of a particular service?
  • Why are consumers choosing a certain type of restaurant or store over another?

We provide comprehensive reports to accurately assess the performance of any business or territory with reliable data up to 4 years in the past.


Discover the potential of our data analysis

Invest Strategically
Orient your decisions with next-generation data

Profile any POI and pinpoint relevant locations with our unique mix of quantitative and qualitative data. Deeply understand the composition of a territory and the reputation of each individual POI.

Select the most strategic properties to invest in, the most prime location to open new business and which services to offer.

Mitigate Risk
Take the pain away from market evaluation

Make safer investment assessments and analyze any territory to determine the areas with the greatest potential for buying and selling properties. Acquire critical and accurate data, insights and evaluation parameters for all your real estate investments.


Data-driven insights to enhance your business,
at a glance!

Try out our data! Below you’ll find an interactive map that displays several details of 1,000 businesses in the Central Business District of Brisbane, Australia.
  • Highlight the distribution and concentration of businesses across any neighborhood
  • Zoom in or out to analyze each area in further detail
  • Hover or click on the POIs for more information (category, GPS coordinates, contact info, Sentiment score, # of reviews, etc.)
  • Use the filters on the left to assess areas based on Sentiment score, popularity and the amount of online content
  • Select the business category by clicking the filters on the right and view its positioning in the city

Discover why commercial real estate firms rely on our data!

Our location intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world. Discover why your real estate company should invest in Location Intelligence now to get a competitive advantage.


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