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impact deal

Data Appeal partners with Impact Deal 2023 to support social & environment-focused European organizations

Data and skill enrichment to encourage projects with a positive social and environmental impact

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Data Appeal Enhances its Products with ChatGPT Technology

Data Appeal integrates ChatGPT technology into Travel Appeal and Data Appeal Studio to improve tourism operators daily activities.

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2023 Easter Tourism Trends Europe

2023 Easter Tourism Trends Across Europe

Download the Tourism Forecast Report on four major European cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Rome.

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Lokky Teams Up with Data Appeal to Enhance its Insurtech Solutions with Alternative Data

The insurtech company Lokky chooses Data Appeal’s alternative data to improve customer analytics and customise solutions for entrepreneurs.

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location intelligence
Consumer Goods

6 Ways to Leverage Location Intelligence and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Location intelligence offers new insights with accurate and reliable information, to aid businesses in making the most strategic decisions

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sustainability - sostenibilità

How Sustainability Data supports lesser-known tourism destinations attract more visitors

Data Appeal e Fondazione Appennino lanciano un innovativo progetto per promuovere le aree interne italiane in chiave sostenibile.

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promozione turistica - tourism strategy

How Data About Couples Trips Can Enhance Your Tourism Strategy

By understanding the preferred types of hotels and accommodation properties, as well as the most popular areas DMOs can tailor their tourism strategy.

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Visit Emilia - Data Appeal Studio
Customer Stories

Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Data: How Visit Emilia is Optimising Tourists’ Satisfaction and Stakeholder Communication

Visit Emilia uses Data Appeal Studio to effectively plan and coordinate strategies aimed at destination growth.

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language intelligence

Leverage Language Intelligence To Create Value For Tourism

Language intelligence solutions enable Tourism to manage large amounts of content in the languages that matter.

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