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aperitivo istanbul
Consumer Goods

Aperitivo in Istanbul: Pinpointing the most popular places in the city to promote a global beverage brand

To define an effective growth strategy for a product launch in Istanbul, site selection and evaluation are necessary.

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Almawave acquires 100% of The Data Appeal Company

The acquisition of Data Appeal is consistent with the objectives and mission of Almawave.

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turismo 2022 - tourism 2022

Tourism 2022: Year-end insights & forecasts for the coming months

An in-depth analysis of 2021 tourism and the forecasts for 2022 across Europe with a special focus on Italy.

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travel trends 2022 - hicon 2021

The Best of HICON 2021: From Augmented Reality and a Cookie-less Future to LGBTQ+ Tourism and MACH

The voices of HICON: Watch 4 exclusive interviews revealing the top travel trends of 2022

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travelport accelerator - The Data Appeal Company Winner

Data Appeal Wins the Travelport & Amazon Web Services Accelerator Program

Data Appeal won with the pitch of Data Appeal Studio, the first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination Analysis platform.

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Location intelligence for site selection
Location & Market Intelligence

How to select the most strategic Outdoor Advertising Locations in London

Site selection, outdoor advertising and location-based marketing (also known as place-based media) are just a few examples of how to leverage Location Intelligence.

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hicon 2021

The HICON 2021 program is here with a special Black Friday discount

Download the full program of HICON 2021 – The Hospitality Innovation Conference and take advantage of a special Black Friday Discount.

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Sustainability Index

Data Appeal Launches the Destination Sustainability Index

Data Appeal has developed the Destination Sustainability Index (DSI) to measure and benchmark the effectiveness of a territory’s sustainability initiatives to become more ecological, inclusive and sustainable.

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data-driven destinations

X. Festival 2021: Data Appeal & Regione Veneto discuss Data-Driven Destinations

Data Appeal and Regione Veneto will highlight the benefits of their partnership and reveal the importance of data analysis for tourism destinations.

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