Strategize your investments in the HORECA sector thanks to the integration of qualitative, geospatial data and business information.


Enhance your business with the only qualitative territorial HORECA analysis

Are you expanding into new markets or deciding where to open your next business? Is your organization looking to win market share from competitors?

Our location and market intelligence analyses are able to comprehensively map any area of interest – from a single street to an entire country – and identify all the HORECA activities present: typology, services provided, GPS coordinates, sentiment, strengths, weakness and much more.

Take advantage of our datasets to make more effective business growth strategies.



Everything you can do with our data

From granular to holistic:
Analyze every and any detail across the HORECA industry

With our data, obtain a detailed overview of the entire sector: restaurants, bars, cafes and hospitality accommodations. Seamlessly access insights about the overall industry or a granular analysis for a single point of interest. For each POI, we provide the following:

  • Establishment/accommodation type & category
  • Cuisine type
  • Hours of operation
  • Coordinates
  • Services provided (delivery, take away, digital payments, parking, handicap access, WiFi, etc.)
  • Client satisfaction
  • … and more!

Make targeted investments:
Orient your decisions based on data

Our location intelligence highlights the amount and typology of active establishments present in a selected territory. Access details on the exact location, type of clientele, cuisine type, prices and reputation. Our 3-year historic data is your secret weapon to better analyze your competitors and positioning over time. Strategically decide when and where to expand or invest.

intelligence solutions

Increase your turnover
Identify and qualify new leads to win market share

Carefully developed with Service Providers in the HORECA sector in mind, our data helps you seamlessly and quickly qualify leads and understand the market.
For example, broadband providers can leverage our Sentiment Analysis to access the most popular restaurants or hotels in a selected territory with poor internet connections.


to enhance
your business,
at a glance!

Try out our data! Below you’ll find an interactive map that displays several details of the top 500 Points of Interest in the HORECA sector across Milan, Italy. Each dot represents a business.
  • Larger sized dots reflect POIs with a higher number of “content” (reviews, social posts, etc.) and are therefore more popular
  • The darker the green, the higher the Sentiment score
  • Zoom in or out to analyze each neighborhood in further detail
  • Hover or click on the POIs for more information (category, opening hours, contact info, # of reviews, etc.)
  • Use the filters on the left to assess areas based on sentiment, safety and popularity
  • Select the business category by clicking the filters on the right


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Our Solutions for the HORECA sector

Our location intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: over 180 countries covered, 251 million points of interest analyzed and 5 million posts, reviews and online content analyzed every hour from more than 130 online sources.

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