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Countries mapped
2 Mln
POI mapped
300 Mln
Pieces of online content analyzed every day
Sources of online feedback monitored
Develop a more complete and strategic risk analysis for your bank or credit institution. Define a more accurate rating of customers requesting financing or economic support.

Evaluate and monitor the sentiment expressed by online users for any activity, product or service.

Go beyond numbers and acquire a deeper understanding of your market positioning to invest strategically, attract new markets and develop and expand services. Our AI-enhanced data analysis allows you to make accurate and strategic assessments.

Obtain Total Control over your Market

Leverage comprehensive and accurate reports for an in-depth market analysis about any location, company or commercial sector around the globe.

Redefine Ratings of any Partner or Customer

Obtain both a holistic summary and detailed scores about the perception of any company – on demand and in real time.

Strategically Invest to Drive Business Growth

We provide you with the largest and most accurate data lake on the market. Discover customer sentiment for any product or service. Thoroughly understand client opinions to focus investments and identify critical issues that require immediate resolution.

By leveraging Data Appeal analyses, UniCredit enriches their evaluation dataset for partners and customers requesting financing with a quality score linked to the online reputation of their business activities. In a world where feedback is the new currency, including this index into credit ratings is critical.


Data That Makes a Difference

At any time, leverage comprehensive and real-time data on human experience, points of interest (POI), geographic areas and locations around the world. We understand what drives human behaviour. 
You gain a competitive advantage.

See our data in action!

Explore a real-world example of our data and start defining effective strategies for your Finance business today.


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