Destination Sustainability Report

Measure and benchmark the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives to make your destination more ecological, inclusive and sustainable.

About the Destination Sustainability Report

To measure and benchmark a territory’s sustainability initiatives, we have developed the Destination Sustainability Report.Throughout this report, we evaluate four fundamental aspects of tourism sustainability: environment, economy, society and governance.

These four factors reflect the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by members of the United Nations according to the 2030 Agenda, the proposals set forth by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to measure tourism sustainability and the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) for sustainable destination management.


From Climate Change to Education

To develop the Destination Sustainability Index, we leveraged our  immense data lake and a series of satellite imagery, third-party data sources, national education reports and official transportation statistics.

To date, the DSI measures the following fundamental aspects of tourism sustainability:


This encompasses factors relating to the reduction of the human impact on the environment and conservation of biodiversity.


This assesses the tourism impact on local inhabitants, both relating to local culture and communities, such as crafts and cuisine, and as support for locally-run businesses managed by local labor.


This considers to what extent tourism can promote the economy, the growth of a destination's well-being and the degree that local businesses contribute to the growth of the local economic ecosystem and locally-run and managed businesses.


This evaluates the management of policies aimed at promoting the environmental and cultural sustainability of businesses, premises and properties as well as the coordination and promotion of initiatives to sustain and preserve tourism

Our findings are provided as both an averaged score and a score of each factor. The results are also highlighted on detailed spider charts and heat maps that allow for seamless interpretation.


How does the rating system work?

Each sustainable factor – economy, environment, society and governance, is composed of a variety of unique sub-indexes. For each destination, we report 6 valuations with scores between 0 and 100 followed by a textual judgment that facilitates reading below. Sub-indexes are also scored using the same rating system.

0 – 20: POOR
20 – 40: FAIR
40 – 60: GOOD
60 – 80: VERY GOOD
80 – 100: EXCELLENT

Our findings are provided as both an averaged score and a score of each factor.
The results are also highlighted on detailed spider charts and heat maps that allow for seamless interpretation.

Measure & Benchmark the
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Evaluate the impact of your destination’s ethical and environmental commitment

Compare and benchmark your destination’s sustainability performance in just one simple report. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the environment, economy, society and governance of your destination as well as the same insights for two of your competitors.
Our team of data analysts will provide you with a series of official datasets relating to:


Why is Sustainability important?

By integrating, communicating and measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, organizations can improve the quality of life, protect the environment and ecosystems and preserve natural resources for years to come.

A sustainable destination: 

  • Improves the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors
  • Is more productive and efficient, reducing management and operational costs
  • Provides a healthier environment and reduces carbon emissions
  • Builds a better and more attractive image for tourists, current and future residents

Destination Sustainability Report - Made for You

Any business, organization or destination that wants to measure and evaluate their sustainability impact and initiatives can leverage the Destination Sustainability Index and incorporate it into their business strategies.

The Destination Sustainability Index can be directly integrated into any existing business intelligence platform through our API. It’s also available on Data Appeal Studio, our territorial analysis platform, for any organization or destination.

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