The Covid Safety Index: 
your compass to navigate through uncertainty

The Covid Safety Index

In today’s post-Covid society, businesses and destinations need to continuously monitor the latest regulations and evaluate their anti-virus measures. Ensuring customer and employee safety is the top priority.

To guide you down this path, the Data Appeal Company has developed the Covid Safety Index. In real time, this indicator measures consumer trust and the effectiveness of actions implemented by businesses across any destination.

Anticipate tomorrow to make the most strategic decisions today.

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The most accurate and comprehensive cross analysis

The indicator considers both our proprietary data about user perceptions of pandemic-related safety issues and the Johns Hopkins University’s contagion data.

It also evaluates all online content relating to the perception of an offer or service in the reopening phase, identifies the most discussed topics and assigns a quality score to the most relevant aspects: cleanliness, waiting queues, reservations, distancing and security measures, consumer trust and more.

  • Are business managers communicating their new safety and security measures?
  • What are the new consumer expectations at this stage?
  • How are the new actions and precautions being perceived?
  • What are the new purchasing behaviours and trends?

Covid Safety Index:
Discover the advantages

covid safety index

Monitor the situation - in real time

Providing your customers with a positive, safe and sanitary experience has never been more critical. The CSI enables you to monitor and evaluate customer reactions – in real time – about the security and organizational measures.

  • Which actions are most effective and appreciated?
  • Do your customers feel safe? Is there experience a positive one?
  • Which initiatives increase trust and brand loyalty?
  • Do your customers prefer home delivery or takeaway?
  • Which aspects of the experience can be improved?

Predictive Analysis - today's data for tomorrow's success

Anticipate market trends and consumer expectations. Assess behaviors and people’s willingness to return to travel, shopping, dining out and more.

  • Identify the signs of recovery within online conversations, reviews and content.
  • Have we already returned to the pre-COVID-19 scenario?
  • How have spending habits changed?
covid safety index
covid safety index

Covid Safety Index: designed for all industries in mind

For every sector, market or destination: hotels, restaurants, retail shops, airports, museums, theaters and more. The breadth of analysis within the Index makes it suitable for brands and corporate groups as well as individual businesses.

Seamless integration for any business  

The Covid Safety Index can be directly integrated into any existing business intelligence platform through our API. It’s also available on Data Appeal Studio and Travel Appeal for any brand, business or tourist destination.

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