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Site Selection

Expand your brand, distribute your products, activate territorial marketing initiatives and open or close a store with confidence based on real-time location intelligence, consumer experience and market demand.  

Pinpoint your current locations, competitor sites and available places to compare and analyze their positioning against the Sentiment and Footfall of your target customers. 


Places, Sentiment and Footfall data to provide you with the most accurate territory analysis

Identifying which neighborhoods and territories have the highest degree of investment potential is critical for precision-based site selection, footprint optimization and market evaluation. 

Data Appeal specializes in data collection and analysis to support organizations boost growth, footprint, exposure and market share. Our POI and territory data goes beyond geospatial analytics with qualitative KPIs, such as the Footfall Index and Sentiment Scores

Leverage comprehensive, accurate and qualitative Places data to:

  • Analyze how individual Points of Sale perform across sectors and how they compare against the competition and neighborhood average
  • Monitor foot traffic and peak times by different metrics; categorize by country and language with optional socio-demographic level 
  • Evaluate the sentiment of individual businesses and locations alike, broken down into relevant topics such as Safety, Price, Quality of Services, Food Quality and much more

*All the data above is available over a 5-year time series

Our AI-based solutions analyze a unique combination of business information, geo-localized data, online feedback and customer behaviors for any Point of Interest, brand or territory in the world.

Rely on our data and intelligence tools to enhance site selection, customer profiling and real estate development.

Cross-industry Analysis

consumer goods


Data and insights you’ll love

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Site Selection & Performance

Leverage our Location Intelligence and Footfall Index to decide where to open your next store, which neighborhoods and territories are most suitable for your next  investment and how to develop geo-localized marketing strategies and events to reach your target customers.

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Customer & Visitor Profiling

We support commercial real estate agencies, retail and consumer goods (CPG) brands to better understand visitor and consumer behaviors, trends and demographics. With our AI-based Sentiment Score, discover their perception of your products, services and stores. 

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Competitor Intelligence

Uncover the perception of any business, brand or territory and compare its positioning against competitors – both in current and potential markets around the world. Win market share by being where your target customers are – at the right place and right time.

Our data, your success

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Our Market, Location & Customer Intelligence Solutions

Our Intelligence solutions are based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: over 150 countries mapped, 81 million points of interest analyzed and 1 billion posts, reviews and online content analyzed every day from more than 100 online sources.

Our data is collected, analyzed and evaluated in adherence to GDPR guidelines. Grow your business with our real-time, accurate and comprehensive datasets. 

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