Human Experience Intelligence

Leverage our data ecosystem to drive growth, make winning decisions and enhance the customer experience.

Leverage human experience to drive growth

Each minute, 5 Million pieces of data are left behind by humans experiencing the world. Customer purchasing decisions are driven by this human experience data.

The Data Appeal Company removes the complexity from data-driven decisions and delivers accurate, extensive - and most importantly comprehensible - data.

Our information interprets human experiences by revealing why customers behave in a certain way - purchases, preferences, criticisms, etc. - and forecasts their future behaviors.

Enhance your business

We ensure that businesses deeply understand customer choices to create experiences - both physical and digital - that are increasingly meaningful and engaging.
Our technology investigates, and above all interprets, an extensive mix of qualitative data, including: Geographical & POI Data, Online Feedback, Reviews and Comments, Purchasing Behaviors, Changing Trends, and more...