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How Visit Emilia strengthened their brand identity and improved their destination marketing effectiveness thanks to sentiment analysis.


Client’s Challenge

One of Visit Emilia’s main weaknesses was obtaining an accurate overview of their territory in the eyes of past, current and potential visitors. Their understanding of visitor perception was determined by partial studies, cross-analyzed with subjective opinions of various operators. Although it’s reliable in theory, this type of analysis is not based on data, nor does it include accurate and real-time information. They needed impartial and objective support. 


Client’s Goal

Visit Emilia wanted total control of visitor perception of their destination. Their goal was to access real-time data to improve marketing actions and communicate better with stakeholders.
Visit Emilia must not only promote and market the region, but also conduct collective efforts to build an attractive and competitive destination with authority, effectiveness and efficiency.


Our Solution

Visit Emilia uses Data Appeal Studio, the first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination analysis platform. We provide them with the right tools to obtain a global view of visitor satisfaction and enable them to acquire fundamental elements to share with our public and private stakeholders. The insights they obtain allow Visit Emilia to effectively plan and coordinate strategies aimed at destination growth.



Read the full Customer Story

Download Visit Emilia Customer Story to learn more on how our solutions created success for our customer.


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