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Countries mapped
2 Mln
POI mapped
300 Mln
Pieces of online content analyzed every day
Sources of online feedback monitored

Enhance the Reputation of Your Destination

Do you know who’s visiting your region and where they’re coming from? What are their desires and biggest complaints? Are you looking to enrich your visitor forecasts?

Dedicated to DMOs, tourism boards and governments, Data Appeal collects and analyzes all online data and information about any destination or territory. We evaluate each sector for accurate, real-time insights on visitor preferences and behaviors.

Access performance-enhancing KPIs and the latest trends to strategize effectively and mitigate risk. Compare your destination against previous time periods and competitions to track progress and discover how flights, events and social media impact your destination. 

Access all the data you need with Data Appeal Studio, the all-in-one, real-time platform. 

Already have your own BI software? Integrate our data via API or request a tailor-made Report created by our team of destination analysts.


Know your visitors to create your strategy

Seamlessly define the type, origin and behaviours of your visitors and understand their preferences to create the most strategic offer.

Leverage Strategic & Real-time Insights

Compare territories, industries and markets to calculate the impact on trends, events and marketing strategies over any time period. Stay one step ahead of the competition.

Forecast Demand with our KPIs

Forecast future visitors with our next-generation technology. The Covid Safety Index, Travel Barometer and strong correlation between visitors and reviews are your keys to measure the wellbeing of the tourism industry.

Data Appeal Studio provides Visit Emilia with the right tools to measure and evaluate visitor satisfaction and all aspects of their destination. These elements are invaluable when working with both public and private stakeholders and planning effective growth strategies.


Data That Makes a Difference

At any time, leverage comprehensive and real-time data on human experience, points of interest (POI), geographic areas and locations around the world. We understand what drives human behaviour. 
You gain a competitive advantage.

See our data in action!

Visit Emilia uses Data Appeal Studio, the first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination analysis platform.

visit emilia - data appeal studio

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