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Leverage comprehensive and accurate data, insights and our travel intelligence tools to guide your growth strategies.
The Data Appeal solutions have been carefully designed by travel experts from around the world to better assist destination managers, tourism organizations and operators. Discover how to create effective growth strategies, attract the right visitors and gain an unparalleled competitive advantage.


The world’s first Travel Intelligence platform

Seaside destinations, mountain towns and cities of art and culture are constantly looking to make the most strategic decisions. Attracting the right type of visitors, understanding the perception of travel experiences and conquering new markets has never been more critical.

Data Appeal Studio is the first and only all-in-one territorial analysis platform designed for destinations. The seamless platform enables users to predict demand, stay updated on the latest trends and confidently decide how to invest and use resources.

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Features and data you’ll love

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Trends & Forecasts

Take advantage of our new proprietary indicators and OTA price and occupancy analyses to anticipate trends, measure the health of your destination and confidently define your next steps.

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Innovative Destination Marketing

Obtain accurate analyses of your target visitors and markets in just seconds. Discover the most attractive aspects of your destination and create an offer that exceeds expectations. Define the most strategic markets and channels to invest in.

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Competitor & Territory Comparison

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your territory and compare them against your competitors. Pinpoint the most effective strategies to make your destination more desirable.

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From the most granular detail to a holistic overview

Track the performance of each industry in your destination: hospitality, food & beverage, tourism attractions, and more. Monitor your performance over time to test the effectiveness of each investment choice and marketing campaign.

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Our Solutions for Destinations

We provide tourism destinations with data and insights from one of the largest data lakes in the world. We analyze over 5 million pieces of online content every hour from more than 130 online sources about 180 countries.

We collect, analyze and interpret infinite amounts of data to derive actionable insights and KPIs to help grow your destination. Our solutions are carefully designed by travel experts to fully meet the needs of tourism professionals.

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