Territorial & Location API

We collect and analyze a unique set of data from over 100 sources to provide a 360° overview of any selected territory – cities, counties, states, countries, polygonal and radial areas. Pinpoint the sentiment and composition of visitors (origin, language, typology, etc.) and uncover insights about the market – accomodation prices, saturation, and much more. 

Integrate detailed and contextual information on your products and points of sale to develop predictive analytics and better understand the market and your positioning against competitors.


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Would you like an example?

  • Discover what visitors are saying about a selected territory as granular as 150m² – neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, countries, etc.
  • Detect which areas have the highest levels of popularity, sentiment, safety and more.
  • Where does your target market go shopping, go out to dinner or go on vacation?

Identify trends and pinpoint the most strategic territories with maximum investment potential.

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What information can you obtain
for any selected territory and location?

  • Overall Sentiment and by sub-area
  • Typology, origin and language of visitors
  • Information and prices of accommodation properties
  • Market composition based on the types of businesses present 
  • The wellbeing of the tourism industry
  • The areas with the most investment potential
  • A breakdown of which areas are most popular, appreciated and safe


Predict travel and visitor trends

Integrate real-time hospitality rate and saturation trends across accommodation properties on your website, portal, applications, products or dashboards. We collect and analyze data from the major OTAs. To deepen your analysis, leverage our time comparison API to highlight any variations from the previous year or season. 


Improve your target market profiling

Pinpoint the composition and origin of visitors who have written online content relating to the destination and area of ​​your interest. Take it one step further and assess their overall perception and sentiment across any industry and topic. Take advantage of invaluable insights to fully satisfy your target audience.

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