Connect with data to dominate the market
Industry - Teleco
Countries mapped
2 Mln
POI mapped
300 Mln
Pieces of online content analyzed every day
Sources of online feedback monitored
Become a pioneer in the telecommunications sector by seamlessly leveraging customer behavior data, competitor insights and market trends.

Obtain complex objectives faster and more effectively. Access invaluable information about customer options, expectations, criticisms and their overall experience. From the granular profiling of each individual customer to the identification of the most promising markets to invest in – let data be your latest competitive advantage.

Data Appeal is the largest source of data and location intelligence you can draw on.

Decipher customer needs and exceed expectations

Enrich your CRM with quality, relevant and real-time data about customer sentiment for any product or service. Precisely profile your clientele to deliver the most personalized experience.

Master your territory and boost your network

Utilize our competitor analysis to fully understand your position and quality of services in comparison to your competition. Maximize your strengths and take action to mitigate your weaknesses.

Data-driven territory analysis

Thanks to the scalability of our data lake and the speed of information retrieval, we provide quality scores and real-time ratings on the entire panorama of commercial activities and professional services – across any geographic area.
SoWiFi leverages our semantically-analyzed data coming from online feedback and reviews to uncover customer problems and complaints related to internet connections at a variety of businesses. They are able to identify prospects that would benefit most from their product and propose solutions to better satisfy customers accordingly.

Data That Makes a Difference

At any time, leverage comprehensive and real-time data on human experience, points of interest (POI), geographic areas and locations around the world. We understand what drives human behaviour. 
You gain a competitive advantage.