Sentiment Score

Measure your client’s level of satisfaction – in real time

The Sentiment Score was the first proprietary index created by The Data Appeal Company. It measures the level of satisfaction and the real perception expressed online by people about points of interest, tourism destinations, and brands. Pinpoint what influences behaviours of current and future clients to improve your marketing strategies and elevate your customers’ or visitors’ experience.

The higher the Score, the more positive the experience.

Sentiment Score: how does it work?


Our algorithm is based on a machine learning model which analyzes online conversations and provides a multi-class score (positive, negative and neutral) of any text.


The index not only offers a polarity score for each content (review, social post, comment, etc.), but also identifies the main topics inside of the text and the correlating sentiment.


In real time, the index analyzes all content posted by users on over 130 online sources, normalizes scores and produces a synthetic index from 0 to 100.

Sentiment Score:
Benefits and new growth opportunities


Monitor, evaluate and increase customer satisfaction

Monitor and analyse trends for at-a-glance insights about how much your investments, decisions and marketing campaigns impact customer satisfaction. Plan future actions to achieve improved results.

Uncover the most appreciated aspects about your business or territory and those you can improve; divided by department, industry, target market and period of analysis.


Keep an eye on the Customer Sentiment of Competitors

In real time, compare the Sentiment Score of your business against competitors. Uncover your competitive advantage and identify their weakness to improve your positioning.

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In-depth Analysis

Every aspect of your brand or destination has a relative customer opinion. With our in-depth semantic analysis, seamlessly identify the most appreciated and criticized aspects and take action accordingly. Exceed company objectives and overcome competitors.

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