Location Intelligence for the Retail Industry

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you’ll have access to: 

    • Location data of tourism Points of Interest, ATMs and transportation services 
    • Location data of retail POIs similar to your brand
    • Business information and geospatial data associated with each POI – exact address, VAT number, telephone number, email, website, etc.
    • A complete overview of the services offered for each POI – parking, Wi-Fi, payment methods, etc.
    • Accurate and real-time data on the overall reputation of each POI
    • Geolocation and reputation analysis of competitors versus your brand

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The Benefits of Data Enrichment

    • Pinpoint the most strategic areas for retail real estate investment

    • Locate ideal locations to open new stores by identifying which areas are the most frequented by your target market and where your competitors are located

    • Understand how your brand’s reputation of individual stores varies based on the territory and services offered
  • Identify which features and services contribute to a shop’s popularityparking, location, promotions, staff, etc.


  • Analyze the location of your points of sale – current and potential – in relation to transportation services, ATMs and other services

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