Retail Location Intelligence



Identify strategic markets and qualify sites to expand your brand, build customer loyalty and increase your sales network with the only Qualitative Location Intelligence analysis.


A unique mix of geospatial and perception data to enrich your business strategies and pinpoint areas with the most potential.

Places and people take center stage in strategic decision making for retail brands and points of sale.

Where are your products sold and who are your buyers?

For this reason, carefully selecting new markets, new distributors and new points of sale is critical.

To help you decide where and how to invest most effectively, Data Appeal provides actionable insights and location intelligence analyses for growing your business.

POI Data Tailor-made to your needs


We combine geolocalized data, online feedback and consumer purchasing behaviors for any Point of Interest, brand or territory in the world. Update your CRM, better profile and qualify potential customers and sites and identify which territories have maximum investment potential.



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Identify the markets with the highest
investment potential

By analyzing the past and present market scenario and your target’s preferences and habits, we pinpoint the most strategic areas to expand your business and open new points of sale.
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Data Enrichment

Expand your brand and network by leveraging our real-time and reliable information on any POI around the globe: contact information, services offered, hours, sentiment, customer insights, most appreciated aspects and more.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze consumer opinions based on their country of origin and typology. Pinpoint their needs and desires to enhance their experience, maximize satisfaction and increase retention.
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Competitor Analysis

Compare your brand against competitors on a territorial basis and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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Targeted Marketing

Profile the right leads in your promotional campaigns based on real-time market and consumer behavior data.

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Our location intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: we analyse 5 million pieces of content each hour from more than 130 online sources.

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