[Report] All Italian Data 2021: Discover the true perception of Italian tourism

tourism in italy - All Italian Data report

All Italian Data is an annual report created by The Data Appeal Company that depicts a granular image of tourism across Italy in the eyes of both domestic and foreign visitors

By collecting millions of digital traces left online by visitors and combining them with trends, tourist flows and spatial data, Data Appeal reveals the truth about visitor sentiment for each aspect of the traveler experience across hospitality, short-term rentals, restaurants and attractions.

Based on this accurate and up-to-date data, Data Appeal awards an Italy Digital Destination Award to the regions and destinations that have recorded the best online performance related to reputation, food and wine, hospitality and much more.

Is the reputation of Italian tourism impacted when confronted against Covid-19?

Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of change and uncertainty. Covid-19 greatly impacted all sectors worldwide, but perhaps tourism suffered the most economically. 

It’s no coincidence that the All Italian Data 2021 Report collected and analyzed lower volumes of digital traces compared to the previous year – albeit still massive. People traveled less and many accomodation and dining establishments suspended their business which not only affected bookings, but online reviews and feedback. 

However, between lockdowns and travel restrictions, many are longing for a vacation. In fact, we saw the explosion of  “revenge travel “first hand. From May 2020 onwards, people have jumped through hoops to return to travel and unleash their wanderlust spirit. As a result, this has led to a moderate increase in volumes, bookings and flows, both compared to the previous season and same time period last year.

The overall Sentiment Score of Italy remains very high (86.8/100), a sign that the traveler’s love affair with Italy has not been greatly impacted by Covid or the many regulations imposed against its spread.

Moreover, the Covid Safety Index, a real-time indicator that measures the visitor confidence and effectiveness of anti-Covid regulations implemented by the territory and its businesses, marks a significant increase compared to last year, revealing that visitors have felt safe and secure during their Italian holiday. 

tourism in Italy - All Italian Data Report

Hospitality, restaurants & attractions: the latest customer experience insights revealed

From the semantic analysis of all online content (reviews, social posts, etc.), we identified the most discussed and appreciated topics as well as traveler origin and typology across the major industries in the tourism sector.

  • Hospitality & Accommodation (78,300 points of interest active online): Though the overall sentiment record is quite high, the sentiment score varies between the accommodation categories (86.3 and 91.1). On average, accommodation staff are commended for their kindness and helpfulness, and represent the majority of review themes, followed by cleanliness and food quality

  • Restaurants & Dining Establishments (207,000 points of interest active online): Over 80% of reviews were written by Italians, but the most satisfied customers are Romanian tourists with a sentiment score of 89.9/100).

  • Attractions & Cultural Sites (40,400 points of interest active online): Culture and nature record the highest sentiment, 90.1, an increase of 0.5 compared to last year.
tourism in italy

The top Italian destinations according to travelers

9 destinations have been awarded the Italy Digital Destination 2021 Award based on exemplary Sentiment Scores expressed by travelers. 

A few of this year’s winners include: 

  • Region with the Best Online Reputation: Trentino
  • Region with the Best Food and Wine Reputation: Piedmont
  • Best Seaside Destination: Baunei – Dorgali (Sardinia)

Uncover the best Italian destinations and latest tourism trends!


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