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Countries mapped
2 Mln
POI mapped
300 Mln
Pieces of online content analyzed every day
Sources of online feedback monitored
Make safer investment assessments and analyze any territory to determine the areas with the greatest potential for buying and selling properties.

Leverage our location intelligence and comprehensive, accurate and up-to-data data to obtain both a holistic overview and granular analysis of any market.

By combining quantitative and qualitative data, we understand any location and sector from every point of view.

When it comes to decision making, let data be your compass…

Strategise where you invest

Leverage both qualitative and quantitative data about any location, point of interest or industry to better understand which venues are worth investing in, where to open them, which clientele to be targeted and which services to provide.

Mitigate risks and enhance rewards

Identify the most promising markets to invest in by combining hard facts (GPS coordinates, contact information, services provided, price levels and more) with human feedback data. This combination allows for an unprecedented level of holistic understanding.

Obtain a complete overview of entire geographic areas

We analyze online feedback and POI data from over 100 sources and measure each content in detail, by topic and sentiment. Our Focus Reports provide you with a complete picture of the perception that people have of each activity in your focus market.
Thanks to a mapping of the Food & Beverage sector within the British territory, JLL was able to acquire critical and accurate data, insights and evaluation parameters for their real estate investments.

Data That Makes a Difference

At any time, leverage comprehensive and real-time data on human experience, points of interest (POI), geographic areas and locations around the world. We understand what drives human behaviour. 
You gain a competitive advantage.
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