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MARCH 2021


  • In detail, analyze the performance of any type of business.
    Analyze the perception of individual categories that make up various industries. For example, to better understand the F&B industry, examine the performance of bars, pizzerias, cafes and more at an individual level. Click ‘Focus’ to obtain distribution and sentiment trends for each category.

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  • Compare and benchmark your territory against competitors
    While utilizing the “Compare” feature in the “Filters” section, compare your destination against your selected competitors. You will now find two separate lists – one with your sub-destinations and the other with your lists of destinations to benchmark. Click “Apply” to view the comparison.
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  • To easily identify the distribution, trends and variations, for each industry selected, we highlight the percentage and compare it against the total.
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  • When comparing two industries or areas, the related graphs will be shown side by side.
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  • When comparing content and Sentiment trends, the side-by-side visualization option is also available. 
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  • Once you have selected a specific industry (Hospitality, F&B, Attractions, etc.), the Channels tab will display the online channels in order of the highest percentage of the total. To view the exact number of contents, hover your cursor over the blue line under the channel name. You can also filter the channels by clicking Reviews (percentage of total contents), Rating or Sentiment.
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  • When comparing clusters and topics derived from online content, we’ve added new clusters to improve the semantic analysis and segmentation.


  • Prices & Offers Graph: 
    • The first graph illustrates the percentage of OTA saturation (blue bars) and average price trend (teal line). The reference scales are located on each side of the graph; the right ‘y’ axis displays the saturation and the left ‘y’ axis displays the price. 
    • The second graph illustrates the availability of OTA offers, the amount of offers sold and the saturation percentage. 
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  • After selecting a specific industry, you’ll have access to the most relevant Points of Interest. In the Analysis Module, the POIs will be ordered by the most amount of contents. In the Economic Outlook Module, the POIs will be displayed by the greatest number of offers available. 
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  • The Locations section displays the sub-destinations with their respective OTA saturation, average price and number of offers available.
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  • Export graphs and data with just one click! By hovering over any chart, an arrow icon will appear at the top right enabling you to download the chart in either .PNG, .JPG or .CSV. 
  • The downloaded image also includes the selected time period, sub-destinations (if applicable) and selected industries (if applicable). 
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