Potentiality Index

A single KPI to identify which territories have maximum investment potential.

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Pinpointing which neighborhoods and territories have the highest degree of investment potential is critical from an economic and real estate perspective. By identifying the areas with the highest increase of visitor flows, effectively strategize investments and valuate assets.

The Potentiality Index is the only indicator on the market that brings together all the elements necessary to decipher the potential value of any territory. Through a single KPI, estimate and forecast footfall and the economic and real estate potential of any location worldwide.

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potentiality index

The DNA of our KPI

The Data Appeal Company’s unique combination of Location, Sentiment and Market Intelligence data, along with our immense Points-of-Interest database, enables us to create a unique, all-encompassing KPI to help brands and organizations to evaluate the potential of any area around the world, from multiple dimensions.

The index evaluates:

  • Historical Footfall and Popularity data – for both domestic & international markets
  • Historical Sentiment data
  • Historical safety perception data
  • Historical spending data
  • Historical Covid-related perception data
  • Hotel search & booking data
  • Flight search & booking data

Technical Features

  • The Potentiality Index provides a synthetic score from 0 to 100, where 100 represents the area with the highest potential
  • The index is available for any territory: from a polygon or radius to administrative or area name (i.e “Greater London”)
  • It’s displayed in the form of a heat map; the data is divided into cells of 500×500 meters
  • Historical time series available up to 4 years in the past

potentiality index

Potentiality Index.
Your next competitive advantage


Pinpoint the most strategic territories to invest in

The Potentiality Index measures several aspects of selected territories: which areas are most popular according to your customers? Which locations are considered the most safe?

Identify which territories have maximum investment potential for your brand or business. Leverage our index to select where to open a new shop or where to make your next real estate investment.


Look into the past to uncover what the future holds

Thanks to the historical data series up to 4 years in the past, we accurately predict future trends and footfall. Leverage historical data to identify which areas are evolving over time and determine their popularity and commercial value.

Potentiality Index: Who’s it for?

The Potentiality Index is suited for any business, brand or destination looking to analyze the commercial potential of a territory. Destinations, commercial real estate, retail, consumer goods and financial institutions looking to invest strategically and mitigate risk should add the Potentiality Index to their arsenal of evaluation tools. 

Potentiality Index: How can I implement it in my business?

This KPI is available in a variety of formats: .csv, API and customized Reports. To visualize the areas with the highest or lowest potential, we recommend our heat map reports. 

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