Poste Italiane – The National Italian Postal Service

poste italiane

Enriching the National Italian Postal Service’s CRM with performance indexes on operators and eCommerce merchants to evaluate new business leads.

The Challenge

Poste Italiane wanted to enrich their CRM and internal database with synthetic indexes on the performance of small operators and eCommerce merchants to improve commercial leads for their sales force and commercial channels.

The Goal

Poste Italiane’s main objective was to create a more complete and reliable profile of operators and potential customers. Their goal was to add new, comprehensive and accurate information into their CRM on consumer feedback, reputation, product categories sold, technology partners and more.

The Solution

Poste Italiane, with the Open Innovation and Digital, Technology & Operation teams, has launched a data enrichment project, with the support of Data Appeal, to analyze and catalog reputation data and feedback on social networks. Developed with artificial intelligence, the project is enriching Poste Italiane’s CRM with exclusive KPIs with exclusive and highly commercial KPIs.