Points of Interest API

We analyze millions of points of interest – in real time – to provide you with accurate and comprehensive geospatial, location, reputation and market data.

Through our Points of Interest API access a hypergranular profiling of the selected POIs and their perception in the minds of customers.

Points of Interest API

Would you like an example?

  • Obtain the exact location and contact information of all luxury restaurants in an entire region
  • Track the sentiment of each bank branch nationwide, analyze all the B&Bs in a select neighborhood
  • Evaluate petrol stations in any capital

We have full coverage for any POI around the globe.

Points of Interest API


What information can you obtain
for each POI?

  • Point of Interest name
  • Industry and category 
  • Full address and lat./long. coordinates
  • Contact information 
  • Price level 
  • Services, amenities and facilities
  • Number of online reviews/content from over 100 channels
  • Rating by channel
  • Sentiment Score
  • Topics and themes
  • Type, origin and language of customers


Analyze customer perception
in real-time

Through our Points of Interest API, access the most detailed insights about the online reputation and sentiment of any Point of Interest. Evaluate the perception of brands or territories in the minds of customers.


Extract the smallest detail thanks to our semantic analysis

Extract the smallest detail thanks to our semantic analysis.

Our proprietary algorithm semantically analyzes online content to understand customer perception on any topic: staff, experience, product quality, price, etc.

Through the API, incorporate our datasets into your products to collect even the most granular detail for any Point of Interest or territory.


Monitor price and occupancy trends
for accommodation properties

Integrate real-time hospitality rate and saturation trends across accommodation properties on your website, portal, applications, products or dashboards. We collect and analyze data from the major OTAs. 

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