We believe in the value of synergy. At Data Appeal, we select strategic partners and resellers to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Join our partnership network to enhance the value of your products, increase the satisfaction of your customers and distribute high-level, data-driven solutions to help businesses, brands and territories evolve.


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Integration Partner & Software Vendor

Combine our data with your expertise.

  • Integrate real-time data from over 130 feedback channels to support customers manage & enhance their brand and reputation
  • Enable customers to leverage the power of the most granular, highest coverage POI, Sentiment and Market Intelligence data 
  • Support clients perform qualitative performance analysis across territories, brands and industries
  • Enrich your CRM databases with the most accurate geospatial datasets and actionable KPIs

Meet some of our partners:
Carto, Clevermaps, Microsoft, Hoist Group, SoConnect

Technology & Data

Let’s combine datasets to increase the value of our products & services.

  • Create a unique and compelling value proposition and differentiate from competitors
  • Discover new markets and reach new customers
  • Generate more qualified leads and drive revenue from referrals
  • Scale and optimize your data and technical systems
  • Increase accuracy with the our unique qualitative POI datasets
  • Create new revenue channels and attract more product integrations

Meet some of our partners:  Travelport,, Sojern, PredictHQ,

Strategic Partner
& Reseller

Let’s join forces to create innovative solutions. Take your offer to the next level.

  • Power your clients with next-generation data analysis and solutions
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Outperform competitors with an unparalleled offering
  • Expand your offer to new markets and target clients
  • Accelerate growth and enhance your profitability
Meet some of our partners: Vodafone Business, Ipsos, ServiceScience, Global Media, Fabrick, Datarade


Transform our data into your competitive advantage.

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A unique mix of data

Data Appeal provides a unique combination of geospatial, sentiment and market intelligence data. Seamlessly integrate our datasets into your products or provide it to your customers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

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Tap into one of the largest data lakes on the market

Our data lake includes over 7 billion semantically-analyzed pieces of online content from over 15 million Points of Interest (POI) in 41 countries around the world – and counting. Access our real-time and historical data up to 4 years in the past. 

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Experience & Professionalism

Our experienced, multidisciplinary and international team has a strong desire to grow and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

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AI & Machine Learning

Our next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are continuously tested and perfected through the collection of real-time and historical data.

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Proprietary KPIs

Sentiment Score, Travel Barometer, Covid Safety index, Fair Index, Potentiality Index and more. Leverage our proprietary indicators to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of any business, brand or territory. 


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Scalable & Reliable Technology

Our proprietary technology is based on a state-of-the-art, scalable infrastructure, trained by collecting millions of pieces of information per minute from over 100 online sources.


Our Solutions: API, KPIs & Dashboards

We provide cross-industry data in the form of REST API, proprietary indexes and ready-to-use dashboards for quick reading and immediate use of the data.

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