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      Data Appeal Studio

      Human Experience Intelligence for geographic areas and tourism destinations


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      Travel Appeal

      Our Ecosystem of cloud products for the Travel & Hospitality industries

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      COVID Safety Index

      A real-time indicator, your compass to help you navigate through uncertainty.

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      Fair Index

      Evaluate the Impact of Your Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

      Travel Barometer

      Travel Barometer

      Monitor and evaluate the wellbeing of your destination and climb the rankings against competitors


      Sentiment Score

      Monitor, evaluate and increase client satisfaction – in real time

    • Technology

      Our technology reveals the story behind the data.

    • Data Provisioning

      Get our unique POI, feedback and market data for all your intelligence needs.

      Data Enrichment

      Enrich your CRM, PMS, BI and Data Lake with a wide range of consumer and business behavior.

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      Location Intelligence

      Market Intelligence, Location Intelligence and Data-driven Strategy at your fingertips.


    • API

      From our Data Lake to your apps, reports or systems, via our REST API.

      Data Visualisation

      We deliver insight-rich reports that are tailored to your business needs.

      Voice of Customer

      Collect feedback at every touchpoint. Anytime your customers interact with your brand, you have an opportunity to listen.

    • Industries

      Learn how our AI-powered data fits your business needs.

    • Travel Destinations

      Data Appeal collects and analyzes all online data and information about any destination or territory.


      Enterprise-grade analytics, market automation and intelligence for hospitality and Food & Beverage companies.

      Real Estate

      Get a comprehensive geographic, demographic and qualitative

    • Banking & Finance

      Enrich ratings & gather quality information about businesses anywhere.


      Investigate the performance of your digital and physical stores. Drive Sales Growth through Customer Sentiment.

      Telco & Utilities

      Up-to-date customer sentiment data for any product or service. Get a complete understanding of the market for laser-focused sales.

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      Data Package

      Comprehensive data enrichment for any POI or territory.

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      Customer Stories

      Learn how our solutions created success for our customers: discover their experience!

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      Our clear and detailed API doc for developers.


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More data, more benefits

Tap into the largest Data Lake on the market. Integrate our data via API on any platform, application or software.

Unlimited Qualitative Data

Data Appeal has all the information you need. Leverage real-time human experience data to improve your strategies. Customer sentiment, prices, rankings, weather, events and more.

Enrich Your Business

Equip your platforms, software or apps with the leading qualitative data on the market to enhance the customer experience and differentiate from competitors. By integrating destination and reputation data into your business, you’ll stand apart from the crowd.

The added value you’ve been looking for…

Effectively engage with your target markets by taking advantage of destination data to deeply understand your clients and communicate accordingly.

Go beyond numbers

Data Appeal transforms client feedback and online information into top-quality insights to elevate any product or service. Actionable insights, designed for you.

Enterprise-designed Solutions for any Business

Our diversified data can be applied into any platform via API. Data Appeal solutions are tailor-made for a variety of industries including telecommunications, energy and utilities, real estate, banking and finance, and retail.

REST based API

Create an extraordinary experience for clients using our advanced AI Technology and proprietary Semantic Analysis. Our REST based API solutions map any business or venue worldwide to deliver rich detail in JSON format in real time. Any metric, score, KPI and data can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party software. Our data lake encompases over 100 sources including review websites, social networks and more.

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