Our KPIs

We set new standards that drive the market

Data Appeal’s proprietary indexes have already become international benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness and performance of companies across sectors, from tourism to consumer goods.

Discover our SMART KPIs and define the success of your actions, products and services. Leverage our indexes to make more strategic decisions, understand the true perception of your business and benchmark competitors.

Explore Our KPIs:

Monitor the satisfaction of visitors and customers with the Sentiment Score – in real time.


A single KPI to measure the popularity of any place and the frequency distribution of customers.

Evaluate the wellbeing of the tourism industry and any destination with the Travel Barometer.

Measure and benchmark the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives to make your destination more ecological, inclusive and sustainable.

Examine the perception of your Corporate Social Responsibility actions with our Fair Index.

Measure, Evaluate and Benchmark the Gender Inclusivity of Your Territory or Business.