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We provide you with the most accurate location & market intelligence tools to pinpoint the best streets, neighborhoods and moments for your marketing campaigns, out-of-home advertising and digital advertising.


Billboards and advertising campaigns that hit the mark

Outdoor advertising and location-based marketing campaigns have proven to be invaluable means of mass communication. Yet, to be effective, it’s essential to identify the best investment locations with objectivity and precision. 

Data Appeal offers media and outdoor communication agencies all the resources and tools necessary to make strategic decisions that will lead to the highest ROI. Our analysis combines a unique mix of geo-localized data relating to points of interest and territories, customer sentiment and behavior and foot traffic insights to determine the best locations to reach your target audience.

Utilize our interactive maps, enriched with hyper-detailed and up-to-date information, to strategically identify the most prime locations for your outdoor media campaigns – at a glance. 

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Data and insights you’ll love


Site Selection 

Leverage our intelligence to precisely identify where to invest your next location-based campaigns. With just a few clicks, the most popular and suitable locations, based on your target audience, are at your fingertips.

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Pinpoint the areas with the highest visitor satisfaction

Which neighborhoods, streets and businesses are most frequented and appreciated by your target audience? Our interactive maps offer you the only combination of sentiment and pedestrian footfall data to seamlessly identify the locations guaranteed to earn you the highest ROI.

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Identify the peak times & days of the week with the highest pedestrian flows

We help you pinpoint the when and where by providing you with data analysis on popularity, sentiment, pedestrian traffic and peak periods of each area and business. Plan your digital advertising campaigns more strategically and select the places and moments that have the highest amount of traffic.


Data-driven insights to enhance your business,
at a glance!

Try out our data! Below you’ll find an interactive map that displays several details of 1,000 businesses in the Central Business District of Brisbane, Australia.
  • Highlight the distribution and concentration of businesses across any neighborhood
  • Zoom in or out to analyze each area in further detail
  • Hover or click on the POIs for more information (category, GPS coordinates, contact info, Sentiment score, # of reviews, etc.)
  • Use the filters on the left to assess areas based on Sentiment score, popularity and the amount of online content
  • Select the business category by clicking the filters on the right and view its positioning in the city

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Our Intelligence solutions are based on one of the largest data lakes in the world. All of the data that we collect, analyze and interpret is GDPR compliant and can be delivered by .csv, .xls, API or via one of our visualization platforms. Boost your business without the risk.

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