Location Intelligence insights to support your business needs

Our Location & Market Intelligence solution, enriched with emerging trends, purchasing behavior and footfall, provides you with an unparalleled combination of insight into your current and future business strategies.

From now on, you can make data-driven decisions no matter your business goal.

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How to transform data into actionable insights


Site Selection & Performance

Where do we open our next store? How much revenue can we generate in this location? What is the customer potential in this area? How do we identify the perfect neighborhood? How does footfall and customer satisfaction impact my potential revenue? Which are my high and low performing shops?

Leverage our Location & Marketing Intelligence solution to decide where to open your next store, which neighborhoods and territories are most suitable for your next investment and how to develop geo-localized marketing strategies to reach your target customers.

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Consumer & Visitor Profiling

How do we measure customer satisfaction? How are we perceived in each store? What is the socio-demographic profile in this region? 

We support tourism destinations, Telcos, real estate agencies, retail and consumer goods brands better understand visitor and consumer behaviors, trends and demographics. Discover their perception of your products, services and destination. Create targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies to win market share.

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Competitor Intelligence

What is the competitive pressure in this area? Is there market space for us?

Uncover the perception of any business, brand or territory and compare its positioning against (in)direct competitors – both in current and potential markets around the world.

Our Location Intelligence Solution

Our Location & Market Intelligence solution is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world.

AI-based, we analyze a unique combination of business information, geo-localized data, online feedback and customer behaviors for any Point of Interest, brand or territory in the world.

This can be applied across industries such as Tourism Destinations, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Retail & Brands, Telco etc.

Cross-industry Analysis


Data-driven insights to enhance your business, at a glance!

Try out our data! Below you’ll find an interactive map that displays several details of  1,500 professional services in Berlin, Germany.
  • Highlight the distribution and concentration of businesses across any neighborhood
  • Zoom in or out to analyze each area in further detail
  • Hover or click on the POIs for more information (category, GPS coordinates, contact info, etc.)
  • Use the filters on the right to select one or more categories and view their positioning in the city

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