Location Intelligence

Discover our Location Intelligence: territory analysis and distribution of commercial activities to identify the most suitable areas for the development of new properties, stores and services.

Location Intelligence and POI data at your fingertips

Dive into the data of any point of interest (POI) or location. POI data includes property type, cuisine type, geo-location, services provided, hours of operation, amenities, contact information, contextual data (weather, events, etc.), feedback analysis and more.

Master any market and its consumers from 360°

Detailed, qualitative information about each single business, its reputation and relevant data about what customers think, prefer and choose – for any location.

Identify the most strategic destinations for your business

Thanks to our Location Intelligence tools, discover which neighborhoods or cities are trending, pinpoint exactly what attracts consumers, highlight services and offerings and compare it against location density and saturation.


Explore how JLL leverages quality-based location intelligence about any Point of Interest throughout Europe.

Data Appeal Location Intelligence for insights on a global level

Strategise effectively by leveraging our expertise in Location Intelligence, Market Research, Real Estate Analysis, Lead Qualification, Data Enrichment and Business Information Management.
Retail Location Intelligence

See our data in action!

Explore a real-world example of our location intelligence data and start defining effective strategies for your business today.

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