Real Estate Location Intelligence
Focus: Food & Beverage Sector

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you’ll have access to: 

    • The amount and concentration of businesses – of any industry – for specific areas
    • Business and  geographic data for any Point of Interest including: exact address, VAT number, phone number, email, website, parking, Wi-Fi, delivery, etc.
      • Accurate and real-time qualitative (feedback and context) data on each Point of Interest – up to 3 years in the past 


    • Geolocation and analysis of competitors‘ reputation in respect to your brand

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The Benefits of Data Enrichment

      • Identify the features and services most valued by customers (Fast Wi-Fi? Convenient parking? Kind and attentive staff?)
      • Understand which types of establishments and cuisine are most appreciated by customers
  • Select the most strategic real estate investment locations

  • Pinpoint ideal locations to expand your brand’s presence by understanding which areas are most popular with your target market and where your competitors are related

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