Investment Management & Asset Valuation

Smart lending, enriched underwriting and asset valuation – made simple.

Data Appeal collects, analyzes and interprets a unique mix of geospatial, reputation and contextual data to help banks and financial institutions enrich customer profiling, invest strategically and mitigate risk.



Alternative data and proprietary KPIs to make the most strategic investments and mitigate risk.

When underwriting a loan, evaluating an investment, or reducing the risk associated with a business, traditional financial information is no longer enough to make the right decisions.

Data Appeal supports major international banking institutions with the most complete and reliable set of Alternative Data on the market. Enrich your internal datasets to validate and complete customer profiles, lend smarter and evaluate your assets.

  • Accurate Location Intelligence and Market Analysis
  • Real-time and historic data of popularity and customer satisfaction for any business
  • Analysis of external and contextual factors – competitors, events, demand, pricing, etc.
  • Up-to-date performance information on any business, paired with location and VAT numbers (Tax IDs)

Cross-industry Analysis






Alternative Data – tailor made for you

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Enrich your credit scoring criteria

Leverage our historical and real-time reputation and popularity data for any business to confidently decide if and when to lend. Seamlessly identify critical issues and leverage strategic opportunities.

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Asset Valuation

Pinpoint businesses and territories with the highest potential. With our Potentiality Index, evaluate of your assets from multiple dimensions.

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VAT Matching

We automatically identify the link between brands and VAT numbers, to obtain a more accurate picture of a business, assess risk and enrich your CRM.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis


Analyze the true perception of your customers’s experience in a branch, online and on the app. Uncover their opinions of the services provided by your financial institution. Identify critical issues, new possibilities and the unexpressed needs of the market.

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Our Customer Experience Intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: over 180 countries mapped, 251 million points of interest analyzed and 5 million posts, reviews and online content analyzed each hour from more than 130 online sources.

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