Location intelligence and Human Experience Data for any platform or application, on demand.
Soliutions - Integration

Integrate multiple data sources to know your clients from 360°

Understand customer behavior on a deeper level with the analysis from online reviews and social content from over 100 sources.

Leverage your brand’s digital image

Generate tailored, data-driven strategies with real-time data, insights and predictive analysis. Enhance the customer experience and attract new clients.

Seamlessly profile customers to maximize effective management

Stop internally-collecting vague and poorly managed data by integrating the leading location and human experience data into any system.
Discover how Swisscom integrated comprehensive location-based property and sentiment data for the #1 downloaded local guide app of Switzerland

Data Appeal Integrations - Designed for any platform, software or application

Strategise effectively by leveraging our expertise in Location Intelligence, Market Research, Real Estate Analysis, Lead Qualification, Data Enrichment and Business Information Management.