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For horeca companies, hospitality and F&B, Travel Appeal – a subsidiary brand of The Data Appeal Company – is entirely dedicated to innovating these industries.

Independent and chain hotels and restaurants rely on our comprehensive and accurate data to enhance their online presence and drive growth.

With our reputation and review management platform, mobile app, and focus reports, our ecosystem of solutions provides you with full control over your digital presence.

Seamlessly enhance your business strategies, improve your reputation, set the best prices and overcome the competition.

With our destination data, API and on demand reports, obtain both a holistic overview and granular details of the market, tourist flows and traveler preferences. With the 24/7 chatbot, improve customer service and increase services sold.

Travel Appeal is the innovation your business needs to drive growth and enhance the customer experience.

Explore the Travel Appeal Solutions

Travel Appeal is an ecosystem of seamless, innovative solutions entirely dedicated to the horeca industry: hospitality, F&B, destinations and more.

Manage and enhance your customer feedback and reputation with our variety of products.

Drive business growth and try Travel Appeal today.


Uncover new opportunities

Highlight guests’ behaviors, preferences and criticisms to identify new business and investment opportunities.

Drive business growth

Our review and reputation management solutions help businesses climb the rankings, set the best prices, keep competitors under control and create outstanding customer experiences.

Enhance the customer experience boost your reputation

Discover what clients really think and leverage actionable insights to offer an unforgettable experience. Find out how external factors impact your business and track the competition to enhance your reputation, welcome more visitors and boost revenues.

The Travel Appeal platform offers Best Western Italy a comprehensive and accurate overview of each individual property’s online presence and their overall brand. Reputation, prices, competitors: everything is under control. The subsequent development of the Best Friend mobile chatbot, based on the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence, helps the group to take care of every single customer from pre-stay to post-stay, offering the possibility to customize the experience, purchase additional services, contact staff and much more.


Data That Makes a Difference

At any time, leverage comprehensive and real-time data on human experience, points of interest (POI), geographic areas and locations around the world. We understand what drives human behaviour. 
You gain a competitive advantage.

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