Footfall Index

A single KPI to measure the popularity of any place and the frequency distribution of customers

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Strategize effectively and untap investment potential pinpointing which establishments, neighborhoods and territories have the highest foot traffic.

With our Footfall Index, understand the pedestrian flow at any point of interest or territory and identify visitor flows and peak/off-peak times.

Easily decipher whether premises are under – or over-performing to quantify the success of marketing initiatives, staffing and site selection. 

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The DNA of our KPI

The Footfall Index estimates attendance (footfall) through digital content, with a time slot projection where available.

This KPI is provided both as an overall score and time of day breakdown to highlight peak and off-peak times.

The Footfall Index is 100% GDPR compliant and can be applied to any Point of Interest or territory as granular as 500×500 meters. The index can be filtered by time of day and visitor origin for the most granular analysis.

  • Which bars are most frequented by Italians at Happy Hour?
  • Which cafes are most popular for brunch in the eyes of Brits during the summer?

Things you can do

With this indicator, easily answer the following questions:

  • Where do I start expanding my brand presence and how do I best position products and services?
  • Which areas are most frequented by my target audience? What time of day is foot traffic the highest and lowest? Does seasonality have an impact?
  • Which venues and territories should I focus on for site selection, opening a new store or plan an outdoor advertising campaign?

The index evaluates:

  • Historical data up to 5 years in the past
  • Up-to-date data for any POI or territory
  • Frequency distribution of customers and visitors
  • Peak/off-peak times and seasonality

Footfall score interpretation guidelines

Footfall index Range Interpretation
Not enough data to estimate footfall
Very Poor attendance
Poor attendance
Light attendance, mostly concentrated in certain time slots
Average attendance, even distribution with significant peaks
Good attendance, even distribution
Strong attendance, even distribution
Very strong attendance
Popular place, very strong attendance, at all times
Extremely high attendance, at all times

Footfall Index
Your next competitive advantage

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Pinpoint the most popular places, their peak times
and top customers

Identify which places have maximum investment potential for your brand or business. Evaluating the pedestrian flow around a property helps benchmark the performance of each shop and establishment to effectively design marketing campaigns and strategize site selection and investments.

  • Which establishments or neighborhoods are most popular according to your customers?
  • What time of day do the most/least amount of customers aggregate around selected POIs?

Leverage our index to select where to open a new shop, launch an outdoor advertising campaign, what time of day to add more staff and which places to consider in your next site selection strategy.


Footfall by Time of Day: Strategize effectively
based on peak and off-peak times

Filter points of interest by peak time (what time of day they are most frequented) to more precisely define not only the “where” but the “when”.

Based on different times of day, strategize your geo-localized marketing activities and uncover the behaviors of your target market.

Footfall Index: Who’s it for?

Destination organizations, commercial real estate agencies and enterprise retail and consumer goods brands looking to invest strategically and mitigate risk should add the Footfall Index to their arsenal of evaluation tools:

  • Analyze the places with the highest investment potential for effective site/distributor selection
  • Seamlessly qualify leads by accessing the POI address and contact information 
  • Evaluate current product coverage against competitors
  • Identify the best areas for outdoor advertising 

Footfall Index: How can I implement it in my business?

This KPI is available in a variety of formats: .csv, API, data visualization and customized Reports.

To evaluate the areas with the most or least potential, we recommend our heat map reports. 

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