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Take the guesswork out of your Retail Expansion Strategy

Identify strategic markets to expand your brick-and-mortar stores or distribute your products by leveraging our Location & Market Intelligence. Pinpoint the most in-demand locations based on popularity and customer satisfaction scores.


Harness the precision of Location Intelligence

Where are your products sold? How are those places perceived by your customers?

These are critical questions to ask when carefully selecting new markets, new distributors and new sites for brick-and-mortar stores.

Our Location and Market Intelligence is a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative data that enriches FMCG brands’ expansion strategies. In detail, we analyze the sentiment and popularity of points of interest and territories to identify the best locations for site selection and product distribution.

consumer goods


We minimize the hassle and guesswork for brand expansion

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Identify the most promising markets

By analyzing past and present market trends, we can target the most strategic areas to expand your business, open new brick-and-mortar stores and distribute your products.

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Up-to-date global insights at your fingertips

Expand your brand and offlines sales presence through data enrichment. Access reliable information on any point of interest around the globe: type of business, contact information, services offered, price level, hours of operation, sentiment, popularity, peak and off-peak times, most appreciated aspects and more.

Sentiment Analysis

Act on consumer trends and behaviors

Analyze consumer opinions with our sentiment analysis. Pinpoint their country of origin, expectations and needs. Uncover their likes and dislikes to enhance their experience and improve satisfaction.

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Uncover the location strategies of your competitors

Compare your brand against competitors on a territorial basis and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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Targeted, location-based marketing

Profile the right markets and audiences in your promotional campaigns and optimize your out-of-home advertising based on up-to-date point of interest data.

Data delivery options that fit your needs

Data can be accessed in a variety of ways: API, Data Packages (.csv, .xls, etc.), or via one of our visualization platforms. While data packages can be quickly shared with analysts, stakeholders and shareholders, APIs can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s software or internal business intelligence tools.

Leverage actionable insights that are combined from the most granular and comprehensive geospatial data and online feedback for any point of interest, brand or territory around the globe. Our data is collected, analyzed and evaluated in adherence to GDPR guidelines.


What our customers are saying

3 reasons FMCG brands benefit in using Data Appeal

  1. Leverage insights into strategic actions
  2. Improve KPIs such as AAGR, market share and quality leads
  3. Select a data delivery that suits your needs

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