Financial Data Enrichment

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you’ll have access to: 

    • Company information and services offered for each POIexact address, VAT number, phone number, email, website, Wi-Fi, etc.
    • The amount and concentration of businesses for specific territories 
    • Accurate and updated real-time data on the overall reputation of each POI – including a 3-year history and forecast 
    • Customer sentiment analysis including the most discussed topics, most appreciated services and products and the most preferred businesses 

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The Benefits of Data Enrichment

    • Enrich your database with comprehensive quantitative and qualitative information on any business 
    • Obtain a complete profile of any Point of Interest (POI) throughout your selected territory: business name, VAT number, contact information, reputation and much more
    • Access accurate performance data for credit evaluation, underwriting and risk assessment
    • Define the level of customer appreciation for your products or services and compare it against your competitors
    • Acquire the synoptic framework of any territory or sector to understand the competitive advantage of your company, invest strategically and mitigate risk

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