The Fair Index

Evaluate the Impact of Your CSR Initiatives

The Fair Index

A business’s commitment to social and environmental initiatives has a strong impact on their reputation, the image of their brand and people’s consumption choices. 

Our proprietary indicator, The Fair Index, designed with Onde Alte, monitors and evaluates your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and reveals the consequential sentiment and perception of both your clientele and the general audience.

fair index

From Holistic to Granular

Thanks to our semantic analysis, we collect and analyze the sentiment of all online content relating to your social and environmental commitment – both published by your business on official channels and published online by consumers. 

The Fair Index understands the perception of any business from various points of view:

  • Environmental (Green Index)
  • Inclusivity (Inclusion Index)
  • Sustainability (Sustainability Index)
  • Social Enterprise (Responsibility Index)

Fair Index:
Actionable Insights


Evaluate the impact of your ethical and environmental commitment

With The Fair Index, monitor when customers discuss your social and environmental initiatives online. 

Whenever something related to your CSR actions are published, our technology will immediately detect the degree of awareness and appreciation. 

  • Assess your initiatives and the level of appreciation
  • Evaluate the CSR of your business and your competitors

Monitor the effectiveness of your communication

Communication efforts are not always effective to reach all potential customers.

  • Is my audience aware of my initiatives?
  • Does my clientele understand our commitment?
  • Are there any gaps that emerge in conversations?
  • Are there any issues that we should address in further detail?

The Fair Index: Made for You

Any business, organization or association that wants to test or evaluate their CSR initiatives can leverage The Fair Index and incorporate it into their business strategies.

Seamless Integration 

The Fair Index can be directly integrated into any existing business intelligence platform through our API.

It’s also available on both the Data Appeal Studio and Travel Appeal Dashboards for any brand or business. 

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