Italian eCommerce Data Pack


Access the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date mapping of active eCommerce sites in Italy.

Request our eCommerce Data Pack of Italy and obtain contact information, selected couriers, eCommerce technology used and more. At your fingertips, access everything you’d like to know about every single online sales site – in one easy-to-read file.

Leverage eCommerce data to identify the right businesses to expand your network of customers and partners, analyze market trends and monitor the moves of your competitors.

480,000 Italian eCommerce sites - mapped to 100%

Get the complete profiling of every eCommerce site in Italy: 480,000 active online sales sites and counting.
In one single file, in either Excel or .csv format, find all the information about online sales platforms in Italy.

For every eCommerce site, access:

Uncover all the secrets of Italian eCommerce 


The Data Pack on Italian eCommerce is best suited for:

  • Shipping & Dropshipping
  • Consultants, IT Systems & eCommerce
  • Integrated logistics
  • Market Analysis 
  • eCommerce platforms & agencies
  • Payment instalment services
  • Universities & research institutes


What can you achieve with the
eCommerce Data Pack?

Qualify leads and identify your next customers and partners

Enrich your internal CRM with accurate data on the eCommerce sites across Italy. Identify your potential customers and those you can win from competitors. Provide your sales representatives with contact information to expedite the sales process.

Analyze the market to make strategic decisions and investments

Evaluate the eCommerce sector to choose where and how to position your products or how to invest in a new, successful platform.

Monitor the moves of your competitors

Identify your competitors and keep track of, month after month, which carriers they choose, the platforms they use and their shipping prices.


Advantages & Costs


The data pack is updated every thirty days, highlighting any changes compared to the previous month.


The Data Pack is available in either Excel or .csv format. It's suitable for any type of computer and it’s easy to read, analyze and filter with just a few clicks.


Access all this data, updated regularly, at a fixed monthly cost with no subscription required. Talk to our Sales team to find out more.

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