Data Enrichment

Complete your CRM and enrich your investment analyses with a wide range of consumer and business behavior and sentiment data with our data data enrichment solutions.

Soliutions - Data Enrichment

Access our extensive Data Lake, in real time

Any POI, anywhere in the world, is now at your fingertips. Access location-based and humane experience data with maximum efficiency. Leverage our historical and real-time reputation and popularity data for any business.

We can pinpoint the following for any POI: property type, Geo-location & coordinates, services provided, amenities (WiFi, Parking, Handicap Accessibility, etc.), contact information and feedback analysis.

Seamlessly segment and manage data

Filter and export the most relevant data for your business objectives. Integrate over 100 sources of reliable and up-to-date data to evaluate and strategize with ease.

Actionable Insights to Drive Reputation

Basic customer profiling data is a commodity. Take it to the next level and uncover insights on your target market or locations to enhance your reputation and appeal. Enrich your performance scores by adding quality-based scores to traditional quantitative indexes.

Explore how UniCredit incorporates a quality score index based on customer feedback analysis into their business practices. 


Data Enrichment - Designed for Your Business

Strategise effectively by leveraging our expertise in Location Intelligence, Market Research, Real Estate Analysis, Lead Qualification, Data Enrichment and Business Information Management.

Our Intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: over 50 countries mapped, 15 million points of interest analyzed and 1 billion posts, reviews and online content analyzed every day from more than 100 online sources.

data enrichment

Data Enrichment: see our data in action!

Explore a real-world example of our data and start defining effective strategies for your business today.

Pinpoint locations with the highest sentiment levels to make the most strategic investment decisions. Download our free sample data report.

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