Make strategic decisions today based on tomorrow’s arrival and demand trends


As we witnessed in 2020, no one can predict the future, but Data Appeal Studio provides you with the most up-to-date and reliable data on flight and hotel searches, bookings and arrivals for the coming months so you can make informed decisions today.

Anticipate tourist flows to plan your sales strategies and marketing campaigns with confidence. Support your local operators with seasonality trends and demand forecasts so they can best prepare for what lies ahead.

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Keep an eye on market trends and forecast insights

  • Discover the periods with the greatest number of arrivals, the most popular routes, average trip length and passenger origin
  • Pinpoint the busiest airports to ensure travelers are offered adequate services, such as shuttles and trains to reach their accomodation and main attractions
  • Track the percentage one-way vs. round-trip flights, business class vs. economy travelers, and passengers per booking to create targeted marketing campaigns

  • Anticipate the busiest periods to provide efficient services to tourists: info points, longer opening hours, additional train and bus routes, etc.
  • Identify low season periods to promote special offers and packages
  • Obtain an accurate picture of future forecasts to share with operators and support them optimize their sales strategies.

  • Monitor past and upcoming events that will have the greatest effect on your destination: sporting events, concerts, conferences, expos, holidays, etc.
  • Plan your marketing campaigns accordingly based on the events that attract the most tourists and have the highest impact score
  • Determine which events have the greatest impact on accommodation stays to calculate and allocate budgets


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