How does your destination compare against past performance and competitors?

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Analyze your performance over time

  • Compare tourist flows pre and post-pandemic
  • Analyze how your reputation and performance vary in summer vs. winter
  • Monitor the impact of mega events on hotel occupancy and rates
  • Compare the reputation of each area within your destination

Compare the performance of operators and internal destinations

  • Compare the reputation, populiarty, occupancy and rates, and anti-Covid measure effectiveness across different time periods and areas in your destination
  • Analyze the sentiment of different industries and categories: i.e. hotels vs. short-term rentals; museums vs. theme parks
  • Monitor tourist flows across neighborhoods and sub-areas

Conduct targeted analyzes against your benchmark destinations

  • Discover if your reputation surpasses your competitors
  • Track the profile of your visitors against other target countries
  • Compare tourism flows, occupancy and hotel rates in your destination and benchmarks
  • Find out if you outperform competing destinations in the eyes of tourists

Measure the ROI of your territorial marketing campaigns

  • Check the effects of your summer or winter campaigns with arrival insights
  • Find out if travelers responded to of specific campaigns, investments and initiatives
  • Monitor the volume and sentiment of social conversations about a points of interest, events and more

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