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The all-in-one territory analysis platform

Data Appeal Studio
Empowering destinations
to become data driven

Data Appeal Studio is the only all-in-one territorial analysis platform specifically designed for DMOs and tourism destinations.

With one tool, analyze, measure and benchmark any type of destination, its operators and its visitors. From flight and hotel search to post-stay review, analyze the visitor journey from 360°.

At a glance, monitor exactly what’s happening in your market, the popularity of local businesses, what visitors think and how your competitors are performing. Uncover and identify the most strategic development opportunities for your destination.


  • Predict demand for the upcoming 12 months 
  • Monitor flight searches & bookings
  • Analyze accommodation rates & occupancy
  • Keep an eye on events with the biggest impact on your destination


  • Detect visitor demographics & evaluate their experience
  • Pinpoint where your visitors are going – their favorite shops, hotels, restaurants & more
  • Sentiment Analysis of any business, industry or territory
  • Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

& Compare

  • Compare performance and trends against previous time periods
  • Benchmark against competitors – domestically and internationally
  • Evaluate operators and locations objectively

& Improve

  • Understand your territory from 360° and boost visitor satisfaction
  • Maximize ROI and measure the return of your marketing campaigns
  • Boost your market positioning and climb the rankings against competitors

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