Data Appeal Launches the Destination Sustainability Index

Sustainability Index


Data Appeal has developed the Destination Sustainability Index (DSI) to measure and benchmark the effectiveness of a territory’s sustainability initiatives to become more ecological, inclusive and sustainable.

Sustainability has been a major theme over the past decade and is now taking precedence more than ever before, especially at COP26, the global summit on climate change still taking place in Glasgow, UK.

People, organizations and entire destinations can no longer delay their initiatives relating to environmental sustainability, inclusiveness, equal rights and quality of life – immediate action must be taken. 

After two years of development, The Data Appeal Company is excited to share the official launch of our Destination Sustainability Index, a proprietary indicator and report that will immediately allow cities, regions and countries around the world to increase awareness, measure and benchmark the state of health, sustainability and quality of life across their destination.

In order to initiate concrete actions, evaluate and improve the impact of a destination’s ethical and environmental commitment, a synthetic index must be leveraged. 

Destination Sustainability Index: What it includes

The Destination Sustainability Index (DSI) aims to monitor to what extent a destination’s sustainability status aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the members of the United Nations according to the 2030 Agenda, the proposals set forth by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) for measuring tourism sustainability and the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) for sustainable destination management.

To date, the DSI measures the following fundamental aspects of tourism sustainability:

  • Environment: This encompasses factors relating to the reduction of the human impact on the environment and conservation of biodiversity. We also analyze the extent to which tourism organizations embrace policies aimed to save energy, use non-polluting products and recycle.
  • Economy: This considers to what extent tourism can promote the economy, the growth of a destination’s well-being and the degree that local businesses contribute to the growth of the local economic ecosystem and locally-run and managed businesses. This aspect also evaluates the degree to which companies’ offer fair wages and roles without gender, age and cultural or religious discrimination.
  • Society: This assesses the tourism impact on local inhabitants, both relating to local culture and communities, such as crafts and cuisine, and as support for locally-run businesses managed by local labor.
  • Governance: This evaluates the management of policies aimed at promoting the environmental and cultural sustainability of businesses, premises and properties as well as the coordination and promotion of initiatives to sustain and preserve tourism.

Tailor made for any territory 

The Destination Sustainability Index will be available on Data Appeal Studio, our platform for territorial analysis as well as via API.

For destinations that wish to dive deeper and explore the impact their destination has, a Destination Sustainability Report will also be available. Inside this report is a personalized and hyper-detailed analysis accompanied by graphics and heat maps for an immediate and seamless data reading, as well as the same insights for two competitor destinations. 

How do we do it? Thanks to our ever-growing data lake and a series of satellite imagery, third-party data sources, national education reports and official transportation statistics, we collect and analyze all the data related to a destination for environment, economy, society and governance.

Sustainability Index

Sustainability Data, Facts & Insights 

Our aim and mission as an organization is to democratize and simplify data, supporting organizations and destinations to grow and develop their business in an effective and conscious way.

By creating the Destination Sustainability Index, we hope that the data and insights will become concrete tools to monitor the progress and improve sustainability values and initiatives. 

Monitoring and analyzing the sustainability of a destination is not a choice, but a civic duty.

Little by little, each commitment taken by a company, brand or destination makes the world a better and more sustainable place – from an environmental, educational, digital and human point of view. By integrating, communicating and measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, organizations can improve the quality of life, protect the environment and ecosystems and preserve natural resources for future generations. 

Would you like more information on our Destination Sustainability Index and Report? Contact our team today.


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