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Customer Experience

Customer experience defines a company’s value. How does your business rank?

Data Appeal collects, analyzes and interprets a unique mix of geospatial, reputation and contextual data to aid companies exceed customer expectations and provide the most personalized customer experience.


Listen to the voice of your customers – in real time

By understanding your positioning – both in the market and in the minds of your target audience – optimize processes, offer exceptional experiences and outperform your competitors.

In real time, our artificial intelligence algorithms semantically analyze massive amounts of online data, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate picture of the perception of your product or service in the minds of your customers.

We’ve designed proprietary KPIs and indicators to measure the performance and sentiment of brands and companies – both online and at a local level. In real time, we deliver the data in a variety of formats: API, Data Pack, Report or Dashboard.

Cross-Industry Analysis






Data and insights you’ll love

Sentiment Analysis

Align your strategies to the Voice of the Customer

Obtain accurate, real-time insights on the sentiment and perception of your business. Pinpoint strengths, critical issues and customer desires to create an offer that exceeds expectations.

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Customer experience that goes above and beyond – every time

Access the perception and opinions of both current customers and your target market. Leverage data-driven insights to create an exceptional customer experience, increase the overall client satisfaction and boost positive word of mouth.

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Rise above the competition

Analyze competitor performance to identify your market positioning. Leverage your competitive advantage and strategize your marketing actions and investments accordingly across territories and target markets.


Pinpoint the most relevant points of interest and destinations

Our Location and Market Intelligence tools allow you to profile POIs and territories based on the sentiment scores of your target audience. Identify the most strategic businesses, territories and market opportunities for growth.

Our data, your success!

Download the case study of Searcys, the UK-based gourmet restaurant group. Discover how they’re increasing customer sentiment and enhancing the guest experience with data.
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Solutions to provide the best Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience Intelligence is based on one of the largest data lakes in the world: over 180 countries mapped, 251 million points of interest analyzed and 5 million posts, reviews and online content analyzed each hour from more than 130 online sources. 

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