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The world’s most advanced POI and location data

Data Appeal REST based API services maps any Point of Interest and location worldwide and deliver accurate, detailed data in standard JSON format. POI data includes property type, cuisine type, geo-location, services provided, hours of operation, amenities, contact information, contextual data (weather, events, etc.) and feedback analysis.

From Holistic to Granular

From the holistic level – how is a neighborhood, region, or entire country performing? – to the granular level – comprehensive information about any POI or location – our API is your roadmap to success.

Invest Strategically and Drive Business Growth

Our data set is unique, combining location, service and contact information with feedback and opinion analysis. From revenue to reputation, leverage the information you need about any location or industry that you’re interested in.
See how SoWifi leverages our API to access data containing comprehensive information about any point of interest and location worldwide with global context and feedback analysis to evaluate and enhance their client experience.
Strategise effectively by leveraging our expertise in Location Intelligence, Market Research, Real Estate Analysis, Lead Qualification, Data Enrichment and Business Information Management.

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