Points of Interest & Territorial API

Thanks to our REST API, access The Data Appeal Company’s immense data lake, which consists of over 250 million points of interest (POIs), 120 listed countries and includes a 4-year historical series.

Enhance your products and services with real-time and accurate geospatial, demographic, sentiment and contextual data, for any point of interest or territory.

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Points of Interest API

Detailed analysis of any
geo-localized point of interest
around the world.

Territorial API

Analysis of specific territories: neighborhood, city, region, country, polygonal or radial area.

Powered by Data Appeal:


Accurately analyze any Point of Interest around the globe

Access a real-time, hyper-granular analysis of millions of points of interest to pinpoint business information details, consumer sentiment insights and much more. Grocery stores, gas stations, bank branches, pizzerias, hotels, museums – our next-generation mapping leaves no POI behind.


Access a complete overview of any territory

We collect and analyze a unique set of data from over 100 sources to provide a 360° overview of any selected territory – cities, states, regions, countries, polygonal and radial areas.

Our AI and machine learning technology extrapolates the sentiment and composition of visitors (nationality, typology, language, etc.) as well as accomodation rates and saturation, visitor arrivals and much more.


Compare time periods, competitors and much more!

Both the Points of Interest and Territorial API enable users to extract our rich, historical data series to compare time periods and identify trends and changes. Access actionable insights on competitor brands and points of sale to conduct both quantitative and qualitative comparisons.



Points of Interest API
Points of Interest API
  • Locate Points of Interest (POIs), across any industry, for any selected area

  • Obtain sentiment, popularity and customer satisfaction scores over time for any business

  • Enrich internal information with opening hours, most discussed topics, services offered and much more

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Territorial API
  • Access sentiment indicators for entire territories – cities, neighborhoods, countries or any customized area

  • Discover the perceived safety scores: Covid Safety Index, Travel Barometer, etc. of any territory

  • List and analyze all the Points of Intrest for one or more categories around the world

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